Official information and details of Data Science with Python (Fall 2019) can be found in the course’s syllabus (PDF).

Textbook and Lecture Notes

No specific textbook is required for this course. However, throughout the course, we will closely follow the material posted in the following pages,

About DSP2019F (PHYS 5391)

PHYS 5391: Data Science with Python (DSP) is a 3-hours credit course offered as part of the graduate coursework in the College of Science and the Department of Physics at The University of Texas at Arlington.

The course covers topics in Basic computer programming concepts as well as Data Science topics. Programming in Python is emphasized, but more advanced languages such as Fortran, C, or C++ may be also used and discussed as needed.

About the Instructor: Amir Shahmoradi

Dr. Amir Shahmoradi is a physicist by training and science-lover in general, with extensive teaching & research experience and background in high energy physics, astronomy and astrophysics, theoretical physics, statistics, data analysis and modeling, computational physics, Molecular Dynamics simulations, stochastic processes, Monte Carlo Methods, Bayesian probability theory, biomedical sciences and MRI data analysis, bioinformatics and evolutionary biology, in particular, viral evolution, protein dynamics and interactions. He can be reached via his email at

Instructor: Amir Shahmoradi
Instructor: Amir Shahmoradi

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