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This website is a collection of problems and answers that have been discussed over the years in academic classes at both undergraduate and graduate levels, on a variety of topics.

Relevant tutorials

Some of the problems appearing on this website have already used along with the following lectures to teach several undergraduate and graduate-level courses at The University Texas at Austin and The University of Texas at Arlington,

About the author

Amir Shahmoradi is a Data Scientist and Physicist by training and science-lover in general, and a current member of the faculty of Data Science as well as Physics in the College of Science at The University of Texas at Arlington.
Amir has extensive teaching & research experience and background in Data Science, High Energy Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Statistics, Data Analysis and Modeling, Computational Physics, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Stochastic Processes, Monte Carlo Methods, Probability Theory, Bayesian Methods, Biomedical Sciences and MRI imaging, Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Biology, in particular, Viral Evolution, Protein Dynamics and Interactions. He can be reached via his email at shahmoradi@utexas.edu.

Author: Amir Shahmoradi
Author: Amir Shahmoradi