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pm_io::skip Interface Reference

This is a generic method of the derived type display_type with pass attribute.

Detailed Description

This is a generic method of the derived type display_type with pass attribute.

This method skips a specified number of lines in the output display.

[in]count: The input scalar integer of default kind IK, containing the number of lines to skip in the display.
(optional, default = 1_IK)
[in]unit: The input scalar integer of default kind IK representing the output display unit number where the text will be displayed.
(optional, default = display_type%unit)
[in]sticky: The input scalar logical of default kind LK. If .true. the display unit will be stored in unit component of the current object of type display_type for later usage.
(optional, default = .false._LK)

Possible calling interfaces

use pm_io, only: display_type
type(display_type) :: disp
call disp%skip( count = count &
, unit = unit &
, sticky = sticky &
This is a generic method of the derived type display_type with pass attribute.
Definition: pm_io.F90:11508
This module contains classes and procedures for input/output (IO) or generic display operations on st...
Definition: pm_io.F90:252
type(display_type) disp
This is a scalar module variable an object of type display_type for general display.
Definition: pm_io.F90:11393
Generate and return an object of type display_type.
Definition: pm_io.F90:10282
The procedures under discussion are impure.
See also

Example usage

1program example
3 use pm_kind, only: SK, IK, LK
4 use pm_io, only: display_type
6 implicit none
8 type(display_type) :: disp
9 disp = display_type(file = SK_"main.out.F90")
11 call disp%skip()
12 call disp%show('disp = display_type(file = SK_"main.out.F90")')
13 call disp%show("call disp%show('before skip')")
14 call disp%show('before skip', deliml = """")
15 call disp%show("call disp%skip()")
16 call disp%skip()
17 call disp%show("call disp%show('after skip')")
18 call disp%show('after skip', deliml = """")
19 call disp%skip()
21 call disp%skip()
22 call disp%show('disp = display_type(disp%unit)')
23 disp = display_type(disp%unit)
24 call disp%show("call disp%show('before skip')")
25 call disp%show('before skip', deliml = """")
26 call disp%show("call disp%skip(3)")
27 call disp%skip(3)
28 call disp%show("call disp%show('after skip')")
29 call disp%show('after skip', deliml = """")
30 call disp%skip()
32end program example
This is a generic method of the derived type display_type with pass attribute.
Definition: pm_io.F90:11726
This module defines the relevant Fortran kind type-parameters frequently used in the ParaMonte librar...
Definition: pm_kind.F90:268
integer, parameter LK
The default logical kind in the ParaMonte library: kind(.true.) in Fortran, kind(....
Definition: pm_kind.F90:541
integer, parameter IK
The default integer kind in the ParaMonte library: int32 in Fortran, c_int32_t in C-Fortran Interoper...
Definition: pm_kind.F90:540
integer, parameter SK
The default character kind in the ParaMonte library: kind("a") in Fortran, c_char in C-Fortran Intero...
Definition: pm_kind.F90:539

Example Unix compile command via Intel ifort compiler
1#!/usr/bin/env sh
2rm main.exe
3ifort -fpp -standard-semantics -O3 -Wl,-rpath,../../../lib -I../../../inc main.F90 ../../../lib/libparamonte* -o main.exe

Example Windows Batch compile command via Intel ifort compiler
1del main.exe
2set PATH=..\..\..\lib;%PATH%
3ifort /fpp /standard-semantics /O3 /I:..\..\..\include main.F90 ..\..\..\lib\libparamonte*.lib /exe:main.exe

Example Unix / MinGW compile command via GNU gfortran compiler
1#!/usr/bin/env sh
2rm main.exe
3gfortran -cpp -ffree-line-length-none -O3 -Wl,-rpath,../../../lib -I../../../inc main.F90 ../../../lib/libparamonte* -o main.exe

Example output
2disp = display_type(file = SK_"main.out.F90")
3call disp%show('before skip')
4"before skip"
5call disp%skip()
7call disp%show('after skip')
8"after skip"
12call disp%show('before skip')
13"before skip"
14call disp%skip(3)
18call disp%show('after skip')
19"after skip"

Final Remarks

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