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Parallel Monte Carlo and Machine Learning Library
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pm_mathRootTest Module Reference

This module contains a collection of example functions for testing or examining the root-finding routines of the ParaMonte library. More...

Data Types

type  func1_type
 This is the derived type for generating test function objects of the algebraic form as described below. More...
type  func_type
 This is the base type func_type standing abstract function type to generate a variety of function test functions.
interface  get_proc
 This is the abstract interface of the get() type-bound procedure of func_type class whose arguments of type real are of the highest precision kind RKH, made available by the processor. More...


character(*, SK), parameter MODULE_NAME = "@pm_mathRootTest"

Detailed Description

This module contains a collection of example functions for testing or examining the root-finding routines of the ParaMonte library.

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Critical Priority: Unfortunately, gfortran 12 and older versions do not properly support the parameterized derived types (PDTs).
As such, the example generic-real-kind PDT types could not be used here.
This creates significant complexities when using the examples of these modules,
because all real kinds in this module are set to the highest precision available.
The onus is then on the end user to write wrappers that convert the relevant components and function-returns to the desired real kinds.
In addition to being ugly, error-prone and verbose, this usage of the highest-precision real kind is also highly inefficient computationally.
Fortunately, once PDTs are supported in gfortran, the conversion of the example types of this module to PDTs is straightforward and non-breaking.
The migration to PDTs must be done as soon as gfortran supports for PDTs is complete.
Note that other compilers have full support of PDTs.

Final Remarks

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  2. If you regenerate any parts/ideas from this library in a programming environment other than those currently supported by this ParaMonte library (i.e., other than C, C++, Fortran, MATLAB, Python, R), please also ask the end users to cite this original ParaMonte library.

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Amir Shahmoradi, Oct 16, 2009, 11:14 AM, Michigan

Variable Documentation


character(*, SK), parameter pm_mathRootTest::MODULE_NAME = "@pm_mathRootTest"

Definition at line 54 of file pm_mathRootTest.F90.