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Parallel Monte Carlo and Machine Learning Library
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test_pm_arraySort.F90 File Reference

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module  test_pm_arraySort
 This module contains tests of the module pm_arraySort.


subroutine test_pm_arraySort::setTest ()
logical(LK) function test_pm_arraySort::test_performance_1 ()
 Test the performance of different sorting algorithms in pm_arraySort. More...
subroutine sortWrapper (Array)
subroutine bench (sort, arraySize)


type(test_type) test_pm_arraySort::test

Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ bench()

subroutine test_performance_1::bench ( procedure(setSorted_proc_RK2)  sort,
integer(IK)  arraySize 

Definition at line 4216 of file test_pm_arraySort.F90.

References pm_kind::RK2.

Referenced by test_pm_arraySort::test_performance_1().

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◆ sortWrapper()

subroutine test_performance_1::sortWrapper ( real(RK)  Array)

Definition at line 4211 of file test_pm_arraySort.F90.