There are two ways to install and use the ParaMonte library from MATLAB on your system:

The fast way

  1. Download and unzip the prebuilt MATLAB package for ParaMonte from the project repository’s release page on GitHub:
    • For Windows:
    • For Linux: libparamonte_matlab_linux_x64.tar.gz.
    • For macOS (Darwin): Follow the instruction below to download this compressed file: libparamonte_matlab_darwin_x64.tar.gz (do NOT download this file by directly clicking on this link. Follow the instructions below).

  2. Depending on your operating system,
    • on Windows:
      - Open a MATLAB session.
    • on Linux/macOS:
      • Open the Bash (in Linux) or zsh (in macOS) terminal.
      • then open MATLAB by calling it on the command line via,
  3. Once the MATLAB interactive environment opens, change the current working of MATLAB to the root directory of the ParaMonte library (where the ParaMonte library license file exists). You can do this on the MATLAB command prompt via,
    cd path_to_the_root_directory_of_paramonte

    where you will have to replace the path_to_the_root_directory_of_paramonte with the root path to the ParaMonte library on your system. The root path is the path to the directory where the ParaMonte file exists.

  4. Call the ParaMonte library for the first time via the following commands (simply type the commands on the MATLAB command prompt),
    addpath(genpath("./"),"-begin"); % add the ParaMonte library directories to MATLAB's list of search paths.
    pm = paramonte(); % instantiate an object of class paramonte.
    pm.verify(); % verify the integrity of the ParaMonte library on your system.

    If needed, follow any extra instructions provided by the library on your MATLAB command prompt.

  5. You are all set! Enjoy the unification of simplicity, high-performance, parallelism, thoroughness, and advanced Monte Carlo algorithms, all in one place. Follow the instructions on this page to run your ParaMonte-enabled simulations.

The long way

If your platform is other than Windows/Linux/macOS or, if your system’s architecture is other than amd64, also known as x64, or, if you are a professional programmer constantly challenging your computer programming knowledge and skills, then the last resort to install the ParaMonte MATLAB library on your system is to build the library from scratch on your system. In such a case, you will have to follow the special instructions given for your platform on this website,

If you have any questions about the topics discussed on this page, feel free to ask in the comment section below, or raise an issue on the GitHub page of the library, or reach out to the ParaMonte library authors.